Volunteer Cadet Corps attend His Majesty’s Coronation Events

Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) WO1 Henry Parr, 17, from Portsmouth Division Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps (RMVCC) was selected to represent the Volunteer Cadet Corps and carry the Banner of Portsmouth RMVCC at the Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

He was selected from over 500 cadets across the UK, but after his recent performance at the Cadet Warrant Officer Board, where he showed great leadership and attitude, it was a unanimous decision by Headquarters Volunteer Cadet Corps that he was to lead the organisation at the National event.

Cdt WO1 Henry attended Cadet Training Centre (CTC) Frimley Park to rehearse with other Senior Cadets from each respective UK Cadet Force throughout the week and participate in the night rehearsals with the entire parade in London before the Coronation Day. The Banner Party accompanied the Royal British Legion Standards in Parliament Square and had a clear view of both processions.

WO1 Henry Parr, during the rehearsals at CTC Frimley Park

 Lieutenant Colonel (VCC) Chris Spratt, Commander VCC, said “It was heartening to watch on television the UK Cadet Force Banners salute Their Majesties in Parliament Square during today’s Coronation processions. My particular proud thanks go to the Cadet RSM from Portsmouth Division RMVCC for representing the Volunteer Cadet Corps after a long week of rehearsals and preparation.

It is fitting that a Cadet from Portsmouth RMVCC was selected, as the unit is the oldest Royal Marines Cadets unit having formed in 1901 in Eastney”

Cdt WO1 Henry commented “Since being selected, I have been preparing for my duties by making sure my uniform fits perfectly, practicing banner drill, and spending many hours polishing shoes and belt buckles! The Board gave me the chance to prove myself. At the time I had no idea that this would lead to being selected to represent the VCC at the King’s Coronation, but I am deeply honoured to be a part of such a momentous and historic occasion.”

The newly crowned King Charles III and Queen Camilla

Colour Sergeant (VCC) Stuart Hinchliffe, Commanding Officer Portsmouth Division RMVCC, said “Portsmouth RMVCC is honoured that its Cadet RSM has been chosen to represent the VCC at His Majesty’s Coronation. Portsmouth’s young people are capable of incredible things and Cdt WO1 Henry represents the best of them”

Cdt WO1 Henry Parr, during the night rehearsals in London

The Volunteer Cadet Corps in an inclusive organisation that aims to develop young people
between the ages of 9-18 into dependable and reliable members of society, prepare them for
life, and offer them a cadet experience that augments and enhances what they learn at
school; through a wide variety of opportunities from military skills such as drill, fieldcraft,
seamanship and field gun to other more rounded elements such as adventurous training,
sports, first aid, community engagement and leadership training.

Being in the VCC helps young people to develop confidence, communication and leadership
skills, and encourages them to be the best version of themselves.

To be offer these opportunities to cadets we require a dedicated group of Cadet Force Adult
Volunteers who give their time to help change young people’s lives. To join as a cadet or volunteer, please visit www.volunteercadetcorps.org for more information.