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Encouraging Support to the Reserves and Cadets

One of our core functions is to maintain active engagement and relationships with the wider community to connect them with Defence. We inform them of the activities we undertake and the valuable contributions made by Reservists, Adult Instructors and Cadets.

What is Community Engagement?

The Communications and Events team are responsible for delivering community events throughout the year, regularly posting content on our social media channels, producing videos and quarterly Reserve and Cadet ‘Link’ magazines, advertising externally and advocating at the various community, employer and cadet engagement events throughout the year. All of this aims to connect society with Defence, support recruitment of Reserves and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and encourage youth to join the cadets.

SERFCA also sits on and advocates the Local and Unitary Authorities’ Civil Military Partnership Boards across the South East.

Armed Forces Briefings

 We host 5 annual Armed Forces Briefings in military venues, covering all 9 counties in the South-East. We combine Berkshire and Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and East and West Sussex while Kent as our biggest County has its own.

The aim of the Armed Forces’ Briefing is to present an update on developments within Defence by providing the only tri-Service (Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force) briefing in the County and to build and nurture enduring relationships between Defence and the wider community. The briefing also include details about the Cadets and their current activities in the local community and provides an opportunity to network with the great and good of the county.

If you feel you would benefit from attending an Armed Forces Briefing, please contact our Communications & Events Team

HM Lord-Lieutenant Awards

Our other high-profile events include 8 Lord-Lieutenant Awards ceremonies. Nominations are submitted to our head office through Unit Commanding Officers and put before a Tri-Service board. The Lord-Lieutenant’s Awards Ceremony is an opportunity to recognise individuals who demonstrate the volunteer ethos and to build and nurture the enduring relationships that are so important to the County and local community. This is done through the awarding of His Majesty Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificates for Meritorious Service.  His Majesty Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificates for Meritorious Service were instituted in order to afford public recognition to those members of the Reserve and Cadet Forces whose efforts might not be recognised by the twice-yearly Honours Lists. 

Each year, the Lord-Lieutenant also appoints a number of cadets from the Combined Cadet Force and each of the community Cadet forces to support them on official engagements. The appointment marks the achievement of outstanding service by an individual to their Cadet movement.  A Certificate is awarded, together with a Lord-Lieutenant’s Badge which the individual is entitled to wear when in uniform.

If you feel you would benefit from attending a Lord-Lieutenant Awards, please contact our Communications & Events Team

Meet the Team

Group Captain Keith Lane RAF (Retd)

Head of Engagement

Emma Rickwood

Communications & Events Director /

Abbi Richards

Communications & Events Coordinator /


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