The Kent Lord-Lieutenant Awards 2023

On Thursday 9th November 2023 we hosted the final of our 8 Lord-Lieutenant awards for 2023! 

His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Kent Awards were at a stunning new venue for us this year that is also steeped in Naval history; Greenwich University, Medway

The Lord-Lieutenant of Kent, The Lady Colgrain, awarded 15 Meritorious Service Certificates from across all 3 Services, 1 Best Reservist award kindly sponsored by The Rift Group and 10 Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadets were appointed. 
Thanks to C Company, 3 PWRR for your support on the evening, as well as the brilliant Kohima Band for the fanfare. 

The Lord-Lieutenant awards ceremony is a formal and prestigious event; recognising individuals who demonstrate the volunteer ethos and to build and nurture the enduring relationships that are so important to your County and local community. This is done through the awarding of Medals and His Majesty Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificates for Meritorious Service, amongst other awards.  His Majesty Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificates for Meritorious Service were instituted in order to afford public recognition to those members of the Reserve and Cadet Forces whose efforts are not recognised by the twice yearly Honours Lists.