Army Cadets are Banner Bearers for the Coronation of HM King Charles IIII

Staff Cadet RSM Joshua Siggers (Kent ACF) and Cadet RSM Josh Watson (St Columba’s College CCF), have been given great privilege of participating in an event of a lifetime, the coronation of HM King Charles III as a banner bearer for the Army Cadets, both ACF and CCF.

2 banner bearers for the Army Cadets marched within the coronation of HM King Charles III, led the Band of the Duke of York’s Royal Military School CCF, from MOD Main building up to parliament square where they stood alongside 100 banner bearers of the Royal British Legion. They watched the members of the Armed Forces escort HM King Charles III to Westminster Abbey and back to Buckingham Palace where they marched over Westminster bridge to continue in the coronation celebrations.

“It was an absolute honour to take part in the coronation of King Charles III, to be part of the amazing atmosphere in London today. To see the members of all the armed forces form up in front of us and then to see the king go past in the Gold State carriage. It has been an incredible day.” – Staff Cadet RSM Josh Siggers – Kent ACF

44 Army Cadets and Adult volunteers from across the country, Bristol, Scotland, Surrey and the highlands attended the coronation of King Charles III on 6th May 2023 as spectators in the stands at Admiralty Arch. These cadets represented the Army Cadet Force at the coronation getting to see the event up close. They were some of the first to arrive at Buckingham palace gates to witness King Charles III’s entrance onto the balcony and the fly past from the Royal Air Force. It was a great privilege for those who have had the privilege of attending the coronation of King Charles III.

The Army Cadets is an inclusive organisation which encourages and develops cadets between the ages of 12-18 to achieve the best they can through offering a huge variety of opportunities from military skills such as drill, fieldcraft and shooting to other more rounded elements such as adventurous training, sports, first aid, community engagement and leadership training. Through all these areas the cadets have been shown to develop in confidence, self-efficacy and develop in themselves to be the best version of themselves they can be. To offer these amazing opportunities to Cadets we require an amazing group of Cadet Force Adult Volunteers which give their time to offer such a huge range of activities to the cadets. To join as a cadet or volunteer please visit the Army Cadets website where you can find more information.

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