142 (Queen’s Own Oxfordshire Hussars) Vehicle Squadron

142 (QOOH) Vehicle Sqn is the only reserve capability in the British Army so at times it can feel like the pressure is on. Operating vehicles in the British Army, regardless of the platform is considered one of the most hazardous occupations, so it comes as no surprise that the MOD has exceptionally high standards when it comes to driver safety.

Ultimately our operational capability is about being able to supply the tri-service with whatever platform it requires. We might do that in theatre from what is essentially the biggest and most expensive parking compound, or we load/unload the platforms onto trains, planes, and boats.

In a supply chain stretching across the world, 142 Sqn is a unique vehicle specialist unit that drive, position, and process a whole range of military vehicle from motorcycles to battle tanks.  Our role has been too despatch vehicles from supply area to the prairies of Canada to the sands of Afghanistan, manoeuvre combat vehicle onto ships, aircraft or rail and ensure the vehicles are fully equipped and ready for the demands of intense use.

To find out more, of if you’re interested in joining 142 (QOOH) Vehicle Squadron, click the link below or contact SSgt Hayward wayne.hayward663@mod.gov.uk 


142 (QOOH) Vehicle Squadron RLC

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