Royal Naval Reserve’s Training Weekend at HMS King Alfred

It was a busy weekend last week (1st & 2nd April 2023) for Reservists at HMS King Alfred

Saturday consisted of Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Damage Control (CBRNDC) training for attendees in and around the site, in addition to a Diversity & Inclusion training session for those attendees who require it complete their Certificate of Efficiency.

On Sunday, attendees assumed the role of the duty watch for HMS KING ALFRED, a Type 23 Frigate alongside in HMNB Portsmouth, which is days away from sailing on operations. Whilst there’s no reason to suspect the ship would have burst into flames, it still required the duty watch to be prepared fight major fires, rescue casualties, evacuate them via KING ALFRED’s rigid inflatable boat and manage the loss of capability to the UK’s ready warship.

The training promised to challenge and test the Reservist’s technical, problem solving and leadership skills within a familiar training environment. Along with support from the RNR’s engineering branch, use of a boat and the provision of equipment from the PHOENIX training centre. The training and duty watch was also run agnostic of rank, so more junior personnel could find themselves leading more experienced shipmates, as can often be the case in the RN.