Cranleigh Air Cadets go Gliding!

On Tuesday 11th April 5 cadets from 1254df (Cranleigh) Detached Flight, accompanied by 2 unit staff, made an early start down to RAF Upavon near Salisbury to attend 622VGS for some Gliding Experiences flights.

On arrival, they joined with 5 other cadets and 3 staff from 461 (Chichester) and 226 (Brighton) Squadrons. All enjoyed a sunny if not breezy morning on the airfield with cadets getting hands on experience launching the gliders, helping in attaching the winch cable to the aircraft, holding the wing on take-off and recovering the aircraft after landing ready for the next flight under the supervision of the VGS staff.

All cadets managed to Glide before the inevitable rain appeared around 13.30 where the gliding stopped and the aircraft were put away and both units departed. Now the cadets have been gliding they can now be presented with their blue wings to wear on their uniforms!