B Company 3 PWRR Open Days!

There are 2 upcoming Open Days for the Army Reserve in East Sussex currently approaching on Sat 30 Sep & Sun 01 Oct 23

The Open Days will be held in Brighton and Eastbourne, as follows:

Brighton (Saturday 30 September) – Quebec Barracks, 198 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 5AS.

Eastbourne (Sunday 01 October) – Carter Barracks, 101 Seaside Road, Eastbourne BN22 7NL.

If people can’t make either, they can fill out the expression of interest linked below, and we’ll get in touch and sort something bespoke.

The Army Reserve.

The Army Reserve offers part-time, paid roles with a commitment that sees most soldiers give us around 1 night/week (Wednesday), 1 weekend/month (usually the 3rd) and a 2-week block/year (it’s important to say – no one event is compulsory, so it fits around shifts, holidays and life in general! As well as their basic pay, reservists are rewarded for meeting their basic commitment of 27 days total/year with a bonus (tax-free) that rises to £2100 by their 5th Year of Service! Soldier entrants must be British, <43 years and will be subject to medical screening.

Those joining would expect to:

–          Challenge Themselves in their spare time, with peers from across the local area – Solicitors, Tree Surgeons, Students & Electricians all working together!

–          Travel the world – the last 18 months has seen our soldiers in Kenya, the USA, Estonia & Germany.

–          Gain Skills from leadership and management to skiing! Everyone takes on a varied reservist career that follows their passions, and can take these skills back to work and life.

–          Do Something Different – whatever their role in civilian life, the Army Reserve can put them in a completely different headspace and give them something their day-to-day life never could!

Expressing Interest.

Anyone keen to come can express their interest with a short questionnaire by clicking here.

I should mention that any serving members of the Armed Forces will be eligible to receive £500/recruit (no limit on numbers) who enters Phase 1 training as a result! To take advantage, they’d also need to refer the person on the Recruit Bounty Scheme Website. This takes less than 5 minutes. 

B Company is based in Brighton, with a platoon outstation in Eastbourne. It is the largest company in 3 PWRR and is bound together by a shared Sussex identity.

Find out more below: