C Company 4PWRR

Rifle Platoon
Rifle Platoons are at the heart of the action. With robust training and the same equipment as their Regular Army counterparts they are the building blocks of the Infantry’s close combat capability.

Specialist Platoon – Antitank

The Anti-Tank Platoon personnel will undertake a range of advance training alongside their Regular counterparts enabling a hard hitting manoeuvre support to the Battalion’s battlefield capability, with the added benefit of utilising the JAVALIN Anti-Tank system.

Company Activities
C Company will continue to build on the strong tradition of support to the Regular Army. The Battalion has deployed personnel to Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Kosovo and most recently to Afghanistan and Iraq. The Company will also enjoy a healthy social life and encourages participation in various sports and adventurous training activities. The last few years has seen members of the Battalion enjoy High Altitude Trekking in Nepal, Scuba Diving in Cyprus and Skiing in the Alps. The Company will continue to build close ties with the local community.
Current roles and opportunities

  • Infantry Officers and Infantry Soldiers

The following additional roles are open to both males and females:

  • Chefs

  • Clerks

  • Combat Medics

  • Drivers

Our soldiers parade on a Wednesday night between 1930hrs and 2130hrs and on 1 to 2 training weekends each month. Once a year we deploy on a challenging but highly rewarding two-week exercise either in the UK or abroad.

Army Reserve Centre
Tudor Crescent
Tel: 023 92375456 
Email: 4PWRR-C-PSAO@mod.uk