Battalion Headquarters and D Company 4PWRR



Battalion Headquarters & D Company
Battalion Headquarters deliver Command & Control (C2) to all units within the Battalion. They plan, direct and exploit the battlefield through use of communications and intelligence. The intelligence analysts review and advise the fighting companies of their next target to ensure we are ahead of the battle-curve.

Command Support Platoon

The Command Support Platoon is equipped with a suite of communications and advanced optics equipment. Personnel posted to this platoon will specialise in communications and advanced patrolling skills to enable identification of the enemy ahead of the rifle platoons, delivering accurate intelligence to other infantry units.

Assault Pioneer Platoon

The Assault Pioneer Platoon are equipped with various specialised equipment to demolish, bridge or cross the obstacles of the battlefield. They are responsible for clearing helicopter landing sites, laying or clearing mines, creating and using demolition charges to enable other infanteers to push on with the fight or even creating a method, be it bridge or boat, to cross any obstacles the infantryman comes across.

Echelon Platoon

The Echelon Platoon ensure we stay in the fight. Providing real life support to the rifle and support platoons through delivering ammunition, food and additional equipment. They are equipped with quad ATV, Land Rover and transport vehicles

Company Activities

HQ Company has continued the strong tradition of support to the Regular Army by deploying personnel to Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Kosovo and most recently to Afghanistan and Iraq. The Company also enjoys a healthy social life and encourages participation in various sports and adventurous training activities. Within the last few years this has included GR20 in Corsica, Scuba Diving in Cyprus and Skiing in the Alps. The Company also enjoys an excellent relationship with the local community and employers.

Current roles and opportunities

  • Infantry Officers and Infantry Soldiers

The following additional roles are open to both males and females:

  • Chefs

  • Clerks

  • Intelligence Analyst

  • Combat Support Operator

  • Communications Operator

  • Combat Medical Technician

  • Drivers

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