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A (Queen's Royal Surreys) Company 3 PWRR

A (Queens Royal Surreys) Company, 3PWRR is the local Army Reserve unit in Farnham, Surrey and has been a presence since its formation in 1908. A Company’s Army Reserve Centre located on Guildford road is a prominent location within Farnham and is home to the Company HQ, Rifle Platoon(s) and Mortar Platoon. Supported by; soldiers with job roles from Infantryman to Signallers, Medics, Chefs, Clerks, Drivers, Physical Training Instructors and Recruit Training Wing.
The Rifle Platoon is now fully equipped with the same weaponry as its Regular Army counterparts including the latest rifle sights and night vision equipment. The Mortar Platoon will be equipped with the potent and combat proven ‘indirect fire’ weapon system, the 81mm Mortar. Personnel posted to this platoon will undertake a range of advance training alongside their Regular counterparts enabling a hard hitting manoeuvre support to the Battalion’s battlefield capability.
The company’s Officers and Soldiers are recruited from all corners of Surrey and Hampshire and are always looking for new recruits to train to join the Rifle and Mortar Platoons, were the Army’s values and standards are under pinned and strong friendships are made for life, by demanding training in preparation for operations both UK and Abroad. Building upon a strong operational experience already within the Company strength.
A Company is active in supporting the Battalion and Regiment at sporting events and are regularly away on Skiing competitions, Road Cycling and many more adventurous training activities.
The Company has strong ties with the local authorities, businesses and community, engaging in freedom parades through Godalming and Guildford, to fund raising events, like 1200km cycle rides in France for a local Hospital charity.
If you want to challenge yourself with a career in the Army Reserves then look no further and contact the recruiting team at A Company and become a Tiger within 3PWRR. You can gain qualifications which can be used in your civilian career as well as giving you the potential to rise through the ranks and command soldiers within the company.

Training is each Wednesday from 20000-2200 plus one or two weekends a month.
Additional Physical training is also provide every Wednesday with ‘TIGER FIT’ from 18.00-19.00.

Army Reserve Centre
Guildford Road
Tel: 01252 716236
Email: 3pwrr-a-psao@mod.uk