678 (RIFLES) Squadron AAC, 6 Regt AAC

Our primary role within 678 Squadron is to be ground crew specialists for AH-64 Apache helicopter.  As ground crew specialists personnel are predominantly involved with the upload and download of ammunition and refuel the aircraft.  However, they provide a full array of logistic support including; movement of fuel and ammunition, recognisance of landing sites and ground to air radio communications.  And also providing protection for the Forward Arming and Refuelling Points ensuring the security of all on site.
As a secondary role 678 Squadron provide helicopter handing teams in support of Joint Helicopter Command and individual battle groups on exercise and operations.  These small teams of AAC soldiers provide onsite helicopter expertise and coordinate the movement of personnel and equipment on any helicopter related task.

Our current training schedule is every Tuesday evening from 19:30hrs – 21:30hrs, with one or two training weekends a month.


John Howard Barracks
Milton Keynes
MK14 5NQ
Tel: 01908 211155
Email: william.holland675@mod.gov.uk