• Championing the Value of Reserve Service


The Reserve Forces consist of the Royal Naval Reserve, The Royal Marines Reserve, The Army Reserve and the Royal Air Force Reserves. As a Reservist, you’ll be part of a highly valued team. That’s why great emphasis is placed on the selection and training process, to ensure that Reserve Forces can attain the same high standards as full-time professionals. Joining the Voluntary Reserves means that you do all your training and duties in your spare time and you’ll be paid for all the time you spend with the Reserves.

Many reservists have joined directly from the civilian community with no prior military experience and often combine a military role with a civilian career. They give up their time to train to work alongside the Regular Forces on exercise and on operations. Reservists also have the opportunity to take part in adventurous training – often abroad. Being a reservist provides the opportunity to gain new skills which can often be very beneficial in their civilian careers. In addition to great social opportunities..