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Sea Cadets Compete for District Glory
02 July 2017

Sea Cadets Compete for District Glory


This is the pre-cursor competition to select the team that will go onto represent Sussex District at the Area competition which takes place in four weeks at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth, all the teams have been practicing hard in the lead up to this event.

Here’s the results:

  • Winners of the Unarmed Squad was TS Defiance, Newhaven and Seaford Unit
  • Best Squad Commander (Unarmed) was TS Brighton 
  • Winners of the Colour Party was TS Hastings
  • Winners of the Team Piping was TS Defiance, Newhaven and Seaford Unit
  • Winner Individual Piping was TS Brighton
  • Winner of Junior Sea Cadet Piping Team was TS Hastings.

Ordinary Cadet Catherine Boorman from Newhaven said:

“I’ve been a Sea Cadet for over four years and my proudest moment by far has been being chosen to lead the squad today and I am delighted that we won.

This is just one of the many opportunities the Sea Cadets offers for young people I’d encourage anyone who wants a new hobby to find out more”.

The District Staff of Ceremonial Duties and Chief Judge on the day Lt Ali Kennedy said:

“We have seen a big improvement in the quality of entries this year, well done to all of the teams involved we know what a big effort everyone made – we’re all very proud”.

To find out more please visit: http://www.sea-cadets.org/


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