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    About Us

South East Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (SE RFCA) is one of 13 RFCAs UK-wide, SERFCA is a Ministry of Defence (MOD) Crown body, responsible to the Defence Council, but separate from military chains-of-command. SE RFCA gives support to the Reserve Forces and Cadets from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force in the Counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East and West Sussex. The majority of the Association comprises volunteers, presided over by the Lord-Lieutenant of each County, ranging from high-ranking serving and retired military Officers, through local Councillors to enthusiastic locals, with no military experience, but with a will to support the Armed Forces and Cadets; so it can be seen that the Association has close links with the Community because it is part of that Community.  In short, the main roles of SERFCA are:

  • Managing the volunteer estate (Reserve and Cadet Training Centres). Through the building new centres, maintaining current ones to the required legal standards and ensuring that all sites are kept in good order, fit for purpose and secure. SERFCA as an organisation aims to provide an attractive environment in which to recruit and train. SERFCA is responsible for the upkeep of 29 Army Reserve Centre's, 7 Careers Offices and University Officer Training Units (which are tri-service), 264 Cadet Centres including 58 Joint Cadet Centres, 7 Cadet Training Centres all on behalf of the MOD. Along with our own estate Jersey Camp on the Isle of Wight.   

  • Encouraging support for the Reserves and Cadets through engagement events, briefings, awards evenings, social media and other publicity, allowing us to actively inform, influence, engage and create a positive but lasting change with gatekeepers and others who hold influence within their county. This includes giving support to, in particular, Reservists by engaging with Employers and supporting Employers of Reservists who seek more information or who have Reservist  Employees deployed on operations.

  • Supporting Cadets Each year the Combined Cadet Force, Volunteer Cadet Corps, Sea Cadet Corps, Army Cadet Force and Royal Air Force Air Cadets encourage thousands of Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteer's develop qualifications, soft skill's, a good work ethic and a positive outlook on both life and work. We as SERFCA promote and support the permanent Army Cadet Force staff and also promote the Cadet Experience and support for Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers from all five cadet forces. 

  • The Reservists and Cadets are under command of their respective military chains-of-command, but the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Associations support the MOD by providing an independent view on the state of the Reserves and Cadets, and their issues, recommending solutions through annual statutory reports to Ministers.

To be an enduring and essential pillar in the delivery of support for the well-being of the Reserves and Cadets and, through our effectiveness and our position in the regions, to be the independent body that represents their interests and promotes understanding between the Armed Forces and civil society.

  • We are a Central Government Body with Crown status, set up by statute.

  • We are a manifestation of the volunteer ethos.

  • Our Voluntary membership bring with it an unparalleled breadth of expertise and experience.

  • We are tri-Service.

  • We are the regions, operating thought the United Kingdom.

  • We are a not-for-profit organisation.

  • We are demonstrable value for money.

  • We promote the interests of the Armed Forces.

  • We champion the volunteer ethos both within and outside the Services.

  • We are apolitical.

  • Through our collegiate behavior, we have national responsibility, influence and recognition, while being independent ( from the MOD and the chains of command ) and autonomous ( from each other ).

  • We support the work of third sector organisations which also contribute to the well-being of Service personnel & dependents, veterans and youth.

  • We supplement government funding through income generation for our dependencies.

Address: Seely House
Shoe Lane
GU11 2HJ
Phone: 01252 357606 
E-Mail: se-info@rfca.mod.uk